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Aluminum Distance Frame for Classic Instant Pictures

Aluminum Distance Frame for Classic Instant Pictures

Finally you can buy your frame at a special price! frames are the best way to display your classic instant pictures. They are beautiful aluminum distance frames with high quality acrylic glass designed for Polaroid and The Impossible Project photos. This product was successfully funded on Kickstarter in early 2017. Exclusively available through Sophort! Save money and purchase the 3-pack!

This is what makes frames unique:

  • UV-protection acrylic glass - Displaying your Polaroid pictures without a frame or with a cheap frame will lead to fading and loss of color. This is caused by UV-light (harmful sunlight). We use an acrylic glass with high UV protection (90%) that will protect your most precious memories!
  • Distance frame made of beautiful aluminum with gorgeous levitation effect - Display your favorite Polaroid moments with a beautiful levitation effect. Your picture is placed on a small picture mount. Your picture will cast a shadow and look like it’s levitating. The picture mount is not visible when the picture is in place.
  • Easy picture exchange with Post-it®-technology - Picture changing is easy and fast. Your picture will stick to the picture mount with Post-it®-technology. You can easily peel off the picture to replace it with your newest masterpiece. You can change the picture as often as you like and always display your favourite instant pictures.
  • Especially designed for classic instant pictures (Polaroid and "The Impossible Project)* - Our phrame is especially designed to fit the original Polaroid integral instant pictures taken with Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid 600 and Impossible I-Type-cameras.
  • High quality components - Our phrame is made from parts of only the highest quality. They are built to last you a lifetime. The aluminum is immune to corrosion and the acrylic glass is of high impact strength. That makes it hard to break.


  • Black & Silver frames come with double sided background in black & gray, White frame comes with a white background
  • Hanger
  • Quick start manual
  • Placing card (to perfectly place your instant picture on the mount)


  • Outer dimensions 20,5cm x 20,5cm (8.07" x 8.07")
  • Height 3cm (1.18")


  • Aluminum, 
  • Acrylic glass, 
  • Foam board, 
  • Alloy (hanger, corner pieces)


*Although the frame is designed to work best with classic instant pictures and fits other film and picture formats like Fuji Instax Wide or peel-apart film too.

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